Natural Expressions Pet Food Index

  Frozen Marrow Bones

         BRAVBFBON2- Bravo Beef Marrow Bone
(2 per pack)

         BRAVBUFBON3- Bravo Buffalo Marrow Bones
(3 per pack)

         OMEGABUFKNUCK- Omega Bones Buffalo Knuckle Bones
         OMEGABUFMARROW1- "Omega Bones Buffalo Marrow Bone 1"" minis
(3 per pack)"

         OMEGABUFMARROW2- Omega Bones Buffalo Marrow Bone 2''

         OMEGABUFMARROW5- "Omega Bones Buffalo Marrow Bones 4-5""

         OMEGAELKMARROW- Elk Marrow Bone 8''

  Flint River Ranch Cat Food

         CAT20- 20 Lb CAT and KITTEN Food
         CAT40- 40 Lb CAT and KITTEN Food
         CAT6- 6 Lb CAT and KITTEN Food
         CAT9- 9 Lb CAT and KITTEN Food
         CH6- 6 Lb CAT Hair Ball Formula Food
         LIT9- 9 Lb Adult LITE CAT Food


         PINCHCOLLAR- Pincher Collar small link size
         PINCHLINK- Extra pincher links

  Flint River Ranch Dog Food

         DOG10- 10 Lb KIBBLE Puppy & Adult
         DOG20- 20 Lb KIBBLE Puppy & Adult
         DOG40- 40 lb KIBBLE Puppy & Adult
         DW48- 48 Oz. DryWater Ultra Fresh Dog
         DW9- 9 lbs DryWater Ultra Fresh Dog
         FNC10- 10 lb Trout and Potato Formula (Fish & Chips)
         FNC20- 20 lb Trout and Potato Formula (Fish & Chips)
         FNC40- 40 lb Trout and Potato Formula (Fish & Chips)
         LMR10- 10 Lb LAMB RICE MILLET Dog
         LMR20- 20 Lb LAMB RICE MILLET Dog
         LMR40- 40 Lb LAMB RICE MILLET Dog
         NUG20- 20 Lb NUGGET SIZE Adult Dog
         NUG40- 40 Lb NUGGET SIZE Adult Dog
         PLUS10- 10 Lb SENIOR PLUS Adult Dog
         PLUS20- 20 Lb SENIOR PLUS Adult Dog
         PLUS40- 40 Lb SENIOR PLUS Adult Dog

  Other Quality Foods

         BF12CHICKEN- Born Free Dog Chicken/Turkey Grain Free 12lbs
         BF12SALMON- Born Free Dog Salmon Grain Free 12lbs
         BF26CHICKEN- Born Free Dog Chicken/Turkey Grain Free 26lbs
         BF26SALMON- Born Free Dog Salmon Grain Free 26lbs
         BF40CHICKEN- Born Free Dog Chicken/Turkey GF 40lbs
         BF40SALMON- Born Free Dog Salmon Grain Free 40lbs
         BF4CHICKEN- Born Free Dog Chicken/Turkey Grain Free 4lbs
         BF4SALMON- Born Free Dog Salmon Gbrain Free 4lbs
         HKEMBARK10- Honest Kitchen Embark 10 lbs
         HKEMBARK4- Honest Kitchen Embark 4 lb Box
         HKEMBARKTRAVEL- Honest Kitchen Embark Travel Size 4 oz
         HKFORCE10- Honest Kitchen Force 10 lbs Box
         HKFORCE4- Honest Kitchen Force 4 lbs box
         HKFORCETRAVEL- Honest Kitchen Force Travel Size 4 oz
         HKKEEN4- Honest Kitchen Keen 4lb box
         HKPREF3- Honest Kitchen Preference 3 lb Box
         HKPREF7- Honest Kitchen Preference 7 lb Box
         HKPREFTRAVEL- Honest Kitchen Preference Travel Size 4 oz
         HKTHRIVE4- Honest Kitchen Thrive 4lb box
         HKVERVE10- Honest Kitchen Verve 10 lb Box
         HKVERVE4- Honest Kitchen Verve 4lb Box
         HKVERVETRAVEL- Honest Kitchen Verve Travel Size 4 oz
         HKZEAL4- Honet Kitchen Zeal 4 pounds
         MERCATCOWBOY3.2- Merrick Cat Cowboy Cookout can 3.2 oz
         MERCATNEBOIL3.2- Merrick Cat New England Boil can 3.2 oz
         MERCATSURFTUR3.2- Merrick Cat Surf and Turf can 3.2 oz
         MERCATT_DAY3.2- Merrick Cat Thanksgiving Dinner can 3.2 oz
         MERCATTURDUCKEN3.2- Merrick Cat TurDucken can 3.2 oz
         MERDOGCOWBOY- Merrick Dog Cowboy Cookout can 5.5 oz
         MERMEDLMB- Merrick Medeterranean Lamb
         MERTHANKS- Merrick Dog Thanksgiving Dinner can 5.5 oz
         MERTURDUCKEN- Merrick Turducken Can 5.5 oz
         MERVENHOL- Merrick Venison Holiday Stew
         MERWING5.5- Merrick Wingaling Can 5.5 oz
         NDF210- Natural Diet Foundation 2 - 10 lbs
         NDF25- Natural Diet Foundation 2 - 5lbs
         NWNFDBEEF- Northwest Naturals Frz Dried Beef Nuggets 5.5 oz
         NWNFDCHICK- Northwest Naturals Frz Dried Chicken Nuggets 5.5 oz
         NWNFDLAMB- Northwest Naturals Frz Dried Lamb Nuggets 5.5 oz
         PETGOCHICK8- Petcurean Go Chicken/Fruit 8lbs
         SCFDBEEF- Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Beef - 16oz
         SCFDCHIC16- Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Chicken treat - 16oz

  Fromm Quality Products

         FROMADGOLD33- Fromm Adult Gold Formula 33 lbs
         FROMADGOLD5- Fromm Adult Gold 5lb
         FROMADGOLDSEN15- From Adult Gold Senior 15 pound
         FROMBEEFFRIT26- Fromm Beef Frittata 26 lbs
         FROMBEEFFRIT4- Fromm Beef Frittata - Grain Free 4lbs
         FROMCANADULT33- Fromm Canine Adult Formula 33 lbs
         FROMCATADGOLD5- Fromm Cat Adult Gold 5 lbs
         FROMCATDUCK02- Fromm Cat formula Duck ala Veg 2.5 lbs
         FROMCATDUCK05- Fromm Cat formula Duck ala Veg 5 lbs
         FROMCATDUCK15- Fromm Cat formula Duck ala Veg15 lbs
         FROMCATSAL- Fromm Cat Salmon a La Veg 2.5 lbs
         FROMCATSAL05- Fromm Cat Formula Salmon a la Veg 5 lbs
         FROMCATSAL15- Fromm Cat Formula Salmon a la Veg 15 lbs
         FROMCATSURF05- Fromm Surf & Turf for Cats 5 lbs
         FROMCHICALAVEG15- Fromm Chicken a La Veg 15 lbs
         FROMCHICALAVEG30- Fromm Chicken a La Veg 30 lbs
         FROMCHICALAVEG5- Fromm Chicken a La Veg 5 lbs
         FROMDUCKSW15- Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato 15 lbs
         FROMDUCKSW30- Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato 30 lbs
         FROMDUCKSW5- Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato 5 lbs
         FROMPORKAP05- Fromm Pork & Applesauce 5 lbs
         FROMPORKAP30- Fromm Pork & Applesauce 30 lbs
         FROMPUPGOLD30- Fromm Puppy Gold Formula 33 lbs
         FROMPUPGOLD5- Fromm Puppy Gold Formula 5 lbs
         FROMPUPGOLDF15- Fromm Puppy Gold Formula 15 lbs
         FROMPUPLB30- Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold 33 lbs
         FROMSALAVEG15- Fromm Salmon a La Veg 15 lbs
         FROMSALAVEG30- Fromm Salmon a La Veg 30 lbs
         FROMSALAVEG5- Fromm Salmon a La Veg 5 lbs
         FROMSURF04- Fromm Surf & Turf 4 lbs
         FROMSURF12- Fromm Surf & Turf 12 lbs
         FROMSURF26- Fromm Surf & Turf 26 lbs
         FROMWHITPOT15- Fromm Whitefish and Potato 15 lbs
         FROMWHITPOT30- Fromm Whitefish and Potato 30 lbs
         FROMWHITPOT5- Fromm Whitefish and Potato 5 lbs

  Frozen Raw Foods

         AJ10BEEF- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Beef - 10 lbs
         AJ1BEEF- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Beef - 1 lb
         AJ1CATBF- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Cat Beef - 1 lb
         AJ1CATCHCK- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Cat Chicken - 1 lb
         AJ1CATRAB- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Cat Rabbit - 1 lb
         AJ1CATTURK- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Cat Turkey - 1 lb
         AJ1CHICK- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Chicken - 1 lb
         AJ1GOAT- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Goat 1 lb
         AJ1LAMB- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Lamb - 1 lb
         AJ1RAB- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Rabbit 1 lb
         AJ1TURK- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Turkey - 1 lb
         AJ3BEEF- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Beef 3 lbs
         AJ3CHCK- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Chicken - 3 lb
         AJ3GOAT- "Aunt Jeni's Goat, 3lb"
         AJ3LAMB- Aunt Jeni's Homemade Lamb 3 lbs
         AJ3RAB- Aunt Jeni's Home Made Rabbit 3 lbs
         AJ3TURK- Aunt Jeni's Turkey dog food 3 lbs
         BRAV2TRIPE- Bravo Grass Fed Tripe - 2 lbs
         BRAVOGRNDELK2- Bravo 2 lb Ground Elk w/bone
         BRAVOGRNDOSTRIC2- Bravo 2 lb Ground Ostrich
         NWNAT1BEEF- Northwest Naturals Individually Wrapped 1 lb Beef Bars
         NWNAT1BISON- Northwest Naturals Bison 1 lb Breeder Bar
         NWNAT1CHICK- Northwest Naturals Chicken Dinner Bar 1 lb
         NWNAT1CKSAL- Northwest Naturals Chicken Salmon 1 lb Breeder Bar
         NWNAT1LAMB- Northwest Naturals Lamb 1lb Breeder Bars
         NWNAT1TURK- Northwest Naturals Turkey 1 lb Breeder Bar
         NWNAT6BEEF- Northwest Naturals Beef Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         NWNAT6BISON- Northwest Naturals Bison Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         NWNAT6CHICK- Northwest Naturals Chicken Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         NWNAT6CKSAL- Northwest Naturals Chicken with Salmon Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         NWNAT6LAMB- Northwest Naturals Lamb Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         NWNAT6TURK- Northwest Naturals Turkey Nuggets - 6 lbs.
         PRM2BEEFGRIND- Primal 2 lb beef grind (no veggies)
         PRM2BEEFMIX- Primal 2lb Beef Mix (chubs)
         PRM2BUFGRIND- Primal 2lb Bufalo Grind
         PRM2BUFMIX- Primal 2lb Buffalo Mix (chubs)
         PRM2CHICKGRIND- Primal 2lb Chicken Grind
         PRM2CHICKMIX- Primal 2lb Chick Mix (chubs)
         PRM2LAMBGRIND- Primal 2lb Lamb Grind (chubs)
         PRM2LAMBMIX- Primal 2lb Lamb Mix (chubs)
         PRM2SARGRIND- Primal 2lb Sardine Grind
         PRM2SARMIX- Primal 2 lb Sardine mix
         PRM2TURKGRIND- Primal 2lb Turkey Grind
         PRM2TURKMIX- Primal 2lb Turkey Mix (chubs)
         PRM4BEEF- Primal 4 lb Beef Nuggets
         PRM4CATCHICSAL- Primal 4lb Cat Chicken/Salmon
         PRM4CATTURK- Primal 4lb Cat Turkey
         PRM4CHICK- Primal 4 lb Chicken Nuggets
         PRM4DUCK- Primal 4 lbs Duck Nuggets
         PRM4LAMB- Primal 4 lb Lamb Nuggets
         PRM4PHEAS- Primal 4 lb Pheasant Nuggets
         PRM4QUAIL- Primal 4lb Quail Nuggets
         PRM4RAB- Primal 4lb Rabbit Nuggets
         PRM4TURKSAR- Primal 4lb Turkey/Sardine Nuggets
         PRM4VEN- Primal 4 lbs Venison Nuggets
         PRM8BEEF- Primal 8 lb Beef Patty
         PRM8CHICK- Primal 8 lb Chicken Patty
         PRM8LAMB- Primal 8 lb Lamb Patty
         PRM8PHEAS- Primal 8lb Pheasant Patty
         PRM8TURKSAR- Primal Turkey Sardine 8 lb Patties
         PRMBON6- "Primal 2"" Beef Bone 6 per pk"
         SC1LAMB- Stella & Chewy's 1.2 lb Lamb diet
         SC3BEEF- Stella & Chewy's Frozen Beef patties 3 lbs
         SC3CHICK- Stella & Chewy's Frozen Chicken patties 3lbs
         SC3DUCK- Stella & Chewy's Frozen Duck/Goose patties 3lbs
         SC3SURFTRF- Stella & Chewy's frozen Surf & Turf patties 3lbs
         SC6BEEF- Stella & Chewy's 6 lbs beef patties
         SC6CHICK- Stella & Chewy's 6 lbs chicken patties
         SC6DUCK- "Stella & Chewy's Duck, Duck Goose - 6lbs"
         SC6LAMB- Stella and Chewy's 6 pound lamb patties
         SC6SURFTRF- Stella & Chewy's Frozen Surf n Turf patties 6lbs

  Grooming Supplies

         NM16- Nature's Miracle 16 oz
         NM32- Nature's Miracle 32oz
         NMSKUNK- Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover 32oz
         NMTRIGGER- Nature's Miracle trigger spray


         HANDLE11- Handle/Traffic lead
         HANDLE14- Handle/Traffic lead
         LEACOMBO- 7-in-1 Combination Leash
         LEAFIVEEIGHTH6- "Leather Leash 5/8"" 6 foot long"
         LEAHALF6- "Leather Leash 1/2"" 6 foot long"
         LEAONEQUARTER6- "Leather Leash 1/4"" 6 foot long"
         LEATHREEEIGHTH6- "Leather Leash 3/8"" 6 foot long"
         LEATHREEQUARTER6- "Leather Leash 3/4"" 6 foot long"

  Natures Variety Products

         NV2BEEF- Nature's Variety 2 lb Beef Chub
         NV2CHICK- Nature's Variety 2 lb Chicken Turkey Blend Chub
         NV2LAMB- Nature's Variety 2 lb Lamb Chub
         NV3BEEF- Nature's Variety Beef Medallions 3 lbs
         NV3BISON- Nature's Variety Bison Medallions 3 lbs
         NV3CHICK- Nature's Variety Chicken/Turkey Medallions 3 lbs
         NV3LAMB- Nature's Variety Lamb Medallions
         NV3ORGCHICK- Nature's Variety Organic Chicken Medallions
         NV3RABBIT- Nature's Variety Rabbit Medallions
         NV3VENISON- NV Venison Medallions 3 lbs
         NV6BEEF- Nature's Variety 6 lbs Beef patties
         NV6BISON- Nature's Variety Bison Patties 6 lbs
         NV6CHICK- Nature's Variety Chicken Turkey patties 6lbs
         NV6LAMB- Nature's Variety 6 lbs Lamb patties
         NV6ORGCHICK- Nature's Variety Organic Chicken Patties 6 lbs
         NV6RABBIT- Nature's Variety Rabbit Patties 6 lbs
         NV6VENISON- Nature's Variety Venison Patties 6 lbs
         NVBEEFBARLEY15- Nature's Variety Beef & Barley Kibble 15lbs
         NVBEEFBARLEY30- Nature's Variety Beef & Barley Kibble 30 lbs
         NVBEEFBARLEY5- Nature's Variety Beef & Barley Kibble 5 lbs
         NVBEEFFD3- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Raw For Dogs And Cats 3oz - Beef Formula
         NVBEEFSTIX- Nature's Variety Beef Stix 1.8 oz
         NVCATICHICK5- Nature's Variety Cat Instinct Chicken Meal Grain Free 5.5lbs
         NVCHICKFD12- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Chicken Turkey 12 oz
         NVCHICKFD3- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Raw For Dogs And Cats 3oz - Chicken Formula
         NVCHICKFD7- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Chicken treat 7oz
         NVDOGCHICK15- Nature's Variety Chicken Rice dog 15 lbs
         NVDOGCHICK30- Nature's Variety Chicken Rice 30lbs
         NVDOGCHICK5- Nature's Variety Chicken Rice dog 5 lbs
         NVLAMBBONEDRY- Dry Rosted Lamb Bone
         NVLAMBFD12- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Lamb 12 oz
         NVLAMBFD3- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Raw For Dogs And Cats 3oz - Lamb Formula
         NVLAMBFD7- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Lamb 7oz
         NVLAMBOAT15- Nature's Variety Lamb & Oatmeal 15 lbs
         NVLAMBOAT30- Nature's Variety Lamb & Oatmeal 30 lbs
         NVLAMBOAT5- Nature's Variety Lamb & Oatmeal Kibble 5 lbs
         NVRAWICHICK12- Nature's Variety Instinct 13.2 lbs
         NVRAWICHICK25- Nature's Variety Instinct 25.3 lbs
         NVRAWICHICK4- Nature's Variety Instinct 4.4 lbs
         NVRIDUCK13- Nature's Variety Instinct Duck 13.2 lbs
         NVRIDUCK25- Nature's Variety Instinct Duck 25.3 lbs
         NVRIDUCK4- Nature's Variety Instinct Duck 4.4 lbs
         NVRIRABBIT13- Nature's Variety Raw Instinct Rabbit 13.2 lbs
         NVRIRABBIT25- Nature's Variety Raw Instinct Rabbit 25.3 lbs
         NVRIRABBIT4- Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit 4.4 lbs
         NVSAL15- Nature's Variety Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Kibble 15 lb
         NVSAL30- Nature's Variety Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Kibble 30 lbs
         NVSAL5- Nature's Variety Salmon Meal & Brown Rice Kibble 5 lbs
         NVSPLTKNUCK- Nature's Variety Split Beef Knuckle Bone
         NVVEN15- Nature's Variety Venison Kibble 15 lbs
         NVVEN30- Nature's Variety Venison Kibble 30lbs
         NVVEN5- Nature's Variety Venison Kibble 5 lbs
         NVVENISONFD3- Nature's Variety Freeze Dried Raw For Dogs And Cats 3oz - Venison Formula


         AAEYENOSE- Animal Apawthercary Eye & Nose drops 1 oz.
         AATRANQ2- Animals Apawthecary Tranquility Blend 2 oz
         AJDIGESTENZY2- Aunt Jeni's Enhance Digestive Enzyme for dogs 120 capsules with PreBiotics
         AJOIL- Aunt Jeni's Fish Oil for Pets 16oz
         ARGBIFIDO- Allergy Research Group - BifidoBiotics 60 caps
         ARGMVM- Allergy Research Group Multi-Vi-Min 150 caps
         BIOFATS- BioFats Oil 355 ml (12oz)
         BIOSEN- Biologic Nutrition Senior Vigor Formula 400g
         BOIARN30C- Boiron Arnica Montana 30C
80 pellets

         BUZZBARRIER- Buzz Barrier Insect Repellent (with Neem)
         CALM2- Canine Calm -2 oz
         CALMTR2- Canine Travel Calm - 2 oz
         COCOIL8- Coco Therapy Coconut Oil 8 oz
         DGP- Dog gone Pain 600mg 60 tabs
         FRUITPUMPK- Pumpkin with Minerals
         GLC2000- GLC 2000
         GRIZ16- Grizzly Salmon Oil 16oz. Pump
         GRIZ32- Grizzly Salmon Oil 32oz. Pump
         GRIZ4- Grizzly Salmon Oil 4 oz
         GRIZ8- Grizzly Oil 8 oz
         GRIZZLYJOINTOAT- Joint Oat
         GUARD- Guardian Immune spray
         HEELDETOX- HEEL Detox Kit
         HEELTRAUML250- Heel Traumeel Gel 250g 8.75oz
         HEELTRAUMLGO- Traumeel Gel or Ointment 50 gr 1.75 oz
         HEELTRAUMLTAB- HEEL Traumeel 300mg 100 tabs
         HEELZEELOINT- HEEL Zeel Ointment 50 grams
         HEELZEELTAB- HEEL Zeel 300mg 100 tabs
         HSMITHBOOSTIM90- Herbsmith Boost Immunity 90 tablets
         HSMITHCALMANX270- Herbsmith Calm Shen (Calm Anxiety) - 270ct tablet
         HSMITHCALMANX500- Herbsmith Calm anxiety 500 gr powder
         HSMITHCANINETRA270- Herbsmith Comfort Aches (acute trauma) dogs - 270 tablets
         HSMITHCANINETRAUM- Herbsmith Comfort Aches (acute trauma)-Canine-90 tablets
         HSMITHCLEARALLER150- Herbsmith Clear AllerQi (Clear Allergies) - 150 gr powder
         HSMITHCLEARALLER270- Herbsmith Clear AllerQi (Clear Allergies) - 270ct tablet
         HSMITHCLEARALLER500- Herbsmith Clear AllerQi (Clear Allergies) - 500 gr powder
         HSMITHCLEARALLER90- Herbsmith Clear AllerQi (Clear Allergies) - 90ct tablet
         HSMITHSOOARTH150- Herbsmith Soothe Joints 150 grams
         HSMITHSOOARTH270- Herbsmith Soothe Joints 270 Tablets
         INNATEFLORA- INNATE Flora 20-14 Probiotic 60 caps
         JARCOCONT16- Jarrow E.V.Coconut Oil 16 oz
         NK9- Nk-9 AHCC Immune System support
         PETZLIFE- Petzlife Oral Care Gel
         PRO1816- Prozyme - 1816 grams
         PRO200- Prozyme - 200 grams
         PRO454- Prozyme - 454 grams
         PRO85- Prozyme - 85 grams
         PRO908- Prozyme - 908 grams
         PROPL100- Prozyme Plus 100 grams
         PROPL300- Prozyme Plus 300 grams
         PROTYM- Prozyme Tyme Zyme 180 caps
         PUPTRACT- Pet Authority Inc. Cranberry & Papaya Digestive Supplement


         ADBONE- Air dog 6 bone - OBSOLETE
         ADDONUTLG- Air Dog Donut large - OBSOLETE
         ADDONUTSM- Air Dog donut small - OBSOLETE
         ADSTICK- Air dog 6 stick - OBSOLETE
         KONG2.5T3F- Kong - Small Red
         KONG3.5- "Kong 3.5"""
         KONG4- Kong Classic Large (stuffable)
         KONG5- Kong Classic XLarge (stuffable)
         KONGBLM- Kong Binkie Medium
         KONGBLS- Kong Binkie Small
         KONGTENL- Kong Tennis Ball Large
         KONGTENM- Kong Tennis Ball Medium
         KONGWUBXL- Kong Wubba - Extra Large
         RDFISH- Ruff Dawg Flying Fish
         RDSTICK- Ruff Dawg - The Stick 12 inch
         RDTWIG- Ruff Dawg - The Twig 6 inch
         ROGZBONEL- Large Rubber DaBone Toy - 8 inch

  Other Dog and Cat Treats

         AJAPPLSNK- Aunt Jeni's Apple Snack
         AJOSTRICH- Aunt Jeni's Dehydrated Ostrich Medley Treat 10oz Jar
         BECBIS- Dr. Becker Bison Bites 5 oz
         BECCAT- Becker Cat Snax
         BECKER- Becker Bites
         BRAVBULLSTK- Bravo 12'' Bully Sticks
         BRAVFDBUFLVR- Bonus Bites - Freeze Dried Buffalo Liver
         BRAVFDORGCKNLVR- Bonus Bites - Freeze Dried Organic Chicken Liver
         BRAVFDORGTLVR- Bonus Bites - Freeze Dried Organic Turkey Liver
         BRAVFDTKY- Bonus Bites - Freeze Dried Organic Turkey Heart
         CCCALROLL6- Canine Caviar 6 inch California Rolls
         COCCHIP3- Coco Therapy Coconut Chips 3oz
         FPPBICHON- Front Porch Pets Bichon Fries 5 oz
         FPPBIG- Front Porch Pets Big Boyz 1 lb
         FPPCARROT- Front Porch Pets Carrot Crunchies 6oz
         FPPCHTEA- Front Porch Pets Sweet Pot/Chamomile Tea bones 8oz
         FPPSWEET- Front Porch Pets Sweet Potato veggie rawhide
         FREANTLER12- "Free Range 10-12"" Monster Antler"
         FREBAATRACH- Baa Lamb Trachea (8 pack)
         FREBEEFSP10- Free Range Angus Beef Tripe Spring 10 (3.75oz)
         FREBULLYSP10- Free Range Angus Bully Spring 10
         FRECALISHR- Catch of the Day - Friday Night Special - Calamari Squares & Shrimp Cakes w/ Sweet Potato Dog Treats (5 oz.)
         FRECOD- Catch of the Day - Cod Basket - Cod Skin Patties & Sushi w/ Sweet Potato Dog Treats (5 oz.)
         FRELAMBLUNG1- Baa Lamb Lung (4 oz.)
         FREPIZ- Free Range Baa Lamb Pizzle Twist
         FREPOLLOCK- Catch of the Day - Pollock Snacker - Pollock Skin Twists & Sushi w/ Sweet Potato Dog Treats (5 oz.)
         FRETROT- Free Range Baa Lamb Trotters
         FREWEAS- Free Range lamb weas and twists
         GRIZZLY- Grizzly Wild Salmon treats 6oz
         GRIZZLYFIL- Grizzly filet treat
         HIPBONES- Overby Farms HipBones Treats 17.6 oz
         HIPFLEX- Overby Farms HipFlex Chews 9.5 oz 60 ct.
         HK8PECKS- Honest Kitchen Pecks - buffalo/blueberry treats 8oz
         HSMITHFDBEEF3- Herbsmith See Spot Smile: Beef Treats - 3oz
         HSMITHFDDUCK3- Herbsmith See Spot Smile: Duck Treats - 3 oz
         JONWINDEE- Jones Natural Chews - Windee
         JONWINDRNG- Jones Natural Chews - Windees Rings - 2oz
         MERBEEFFIL10- Merrick Beef Lung Filet Squares 10 oz
         MERBEEFLUNG- Merrick Beef Lung Training Treat - 5oz
         MERBEEFTEN36- Merrick Mondo Beef Tendon Stix 36
         MERFILET- Merrick Lamb Lung Filet Squares - 16 oz
         MERFLOSLG- Merrick Jumbo Flossie Tendon Chew
         MERLAMB- Merrick Lamb lung Training Treat
         PLADUCK- Plato Natural Duck Strips 16 oz
         PLADUCK6- Plato Natural Duck Strips 6 oz
         PLAKANG6- Plato Kangaroo Strips 6oz
         PLAORGCHICK- Plato Organic Chicken Strips 16 oz
         PLAORGCHICK6- Plato Organic Chicken Strips 6 oz
         PLASAL- Plato Natural Salmon Strips 16 oz
         PLASAL6- Plato Natural Salmon Strips 6oz
         PRMBUFLVR- Primal buffalo liver chunk
         PRMCHICKNIB6- Primal 6 oz Chicken nibs
         PRMCHICKSHRED- Primal Chicken Shredders 4oz
         PRMTKLVRMUNCH- turkey liver treat
         PRMVENLNGPUF- venison lung puffs
         PURECHIC- PureBites Freeze-dried Chicken Treats 3.0 oz
         PURELIV- PureBites Freeze-dried Liver Treats 4.2 oz
         RMBEEF12- Real Meat Beef Treat 12 oz
         RMBEEF4- Real Meat Beef Treat 4 oz.
         RMCHICVEN12- Real Meat Chicken & Venison Treat 12 oz
         RMCHICVEN4- Real Meat Chicken Venison treat 4 oz
         RMFISHVEN12- Canz Real Meat Treat Fish/Venison 12 oz
         RMFISHVEN4- Real Meat Fish & Veninson Treat 4 oz
         RMLAMB12- Canz Real Meat Treat Lamb 12 oz
         RMLAMB4- Real Meat Lamb Treat 4 oz
         RMLAMBLIVR12- Canz Real Meat Treat Lamb/LambLiver 12oz
         RMLAMBLIVR4- Real Meat Lamb Liver Treat 4 oz
         RMVENISON12- Canz Real Meat Treat Venison 12oz
         RMVENISON4- Real Meat Venison Treat 4 oz
         SCCRBF4- Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch Beef 4 oz
         SCCRCH4- Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch Chicken 4 oz.
         SCCRDK4- Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch Duck 4 oz

  Flint River Ranch Treats

         BFLAKES- FRR Sundried Bonita Flake Treats (for cats) - 1oz
         BON10- 10 Lb DOG BONE TREATS
         BON20- 20 Lb DOG BONE TREATS
         BON5- 5 Lb DOG BONE TREATS
         JW10- 10 Lb Jubilee Wafer Treats
         JW20- 20 Lb Jubilee Wafer Treats
         JW5- 5 Lb Jubilee Wafer Treats
         LMW10- 10 lbs Lamb Millet Rice Wafer Treat
         LMW20- 20 lbsLamb Millet Rice Wafer Treat
         LMW5- 5 lbsLamb Millet Rice Wafer Treat

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